Welcome to The Stitches of My Life Designs, a collection of patterns inspired by special people and events in my life.  Each pattern tells the story of how I came by my inspiration and who or what that person or event has meant to me.  I have been blessed to have many fantastic people and wonderful things come along in my life.  I hope you enjoy my interpretation of these people and events.  Again, welcome to the The Stitches of My Life Designs.


The Stitches of My Life DesignsTM

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by Debbi Stone

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  1. Bullet   The Erin Collection

  2. Bullet   Erin’s Hat

  3. Bullet   Erin’s Mittens

  4. Bullet   Erin’s Cowl

  5. Bullet   Patricia

  6. Bullet   Ida

  7. Bullet   Faye

  8. Bullet   Octavia

  9. Bullet   Knit Night

  10. Bullet   Virginia

  11. Bullet   Lucy

  12. Bullet   Barbara

  13. Bullet   Meditrina

  14. Bullet   Coming Home